Operating Guide for the NTXRA Repeater

The Repeaters and IRLP nodes are open for use by any
licensed Ham within its coverage area.


Standard IRLP Codes

To Connect
See the summary status page or full node list for the Node Numbers

Dial 4-digit
Node Number

To Disconnect
May be dialed while IRLP is talking

Dial 73 


Operating Etiquette


Identify your station before bringing up a link and after taking down a link.IDs are required with any control commands.  

Slow down

IRLP is not as fast as simplex or local repeater contacts, therefore you must key your transmitter and wait for a moment before speaking. Otherwise the beginning of your transmission will not be heard.  IRLP node “surfing” is frowned upon. 


Pause between transmissions! especially on Reflectors. Many repeaters run half duplex links to their IRLP node, therefore they can only disconnect between transmissions. Please wait for our courtesy tones.


IRLP nodes support only a single connection to another node or "Reflector." Reflectors support many incoming connections. Every node connected to the same reflector talks to every other node connected, i.e. a conference bridge type service. All reflector node numbers begin with 9. New operators should connect to 9200 or 9250 and call for a contact. 


Custom Codes for IRLP Nodes


Dial 73

Query current node status

Dial #1

Repeat last Call Waiting announcement

Dial *69



Repeater Commands



Node to node

Connection will drop after 5 minutes of no activity on the repeater input


Connection will drop after 2 hours of no activity on the repeater input


Local repeater input timeout: 3 minutes


Other Quirks
(suggestions welcome)

Call Waiting

The IRLP Nodes support the IRLP Call Waiting feature. If the node is connected somewhere, and another node attempts to connect to us, you will hear "Call from ..."  The calling node will hear a message telling them where we are connected. If you are connected to a reflector, the calling node may simply connect to the same reflector, or you may disconnect and call that node directly.  To repeat the call waiting information, dial *69.