Dallas, Texas

Ground elevation is 427' AMSL


Looking north from the equipment room

The NTxRA Repeater Cabinet

Site Details:

TX ant ht: 915' AGL

RX Ant ht: ~850' AGL

Emergency Generator

100MB Internet Connection


Downtown Dallas Repeater List

442.025 - Icom FR-6000, 100 Watts, 127.3 PL

224.700 - Motorola GM-950, 25 Watts, 127.3 PL

145.25 - Motorola MSR2000, 45 Watts, 127.3 PL




927.0625 and 444.650 UHF Repeater


Motorola Quantar on 900, Motorola XPR on 440

TX ant ht: 915' AGL

RX Ant ht: ~850' AGL

432 DPL access


This systems controller is at the top of the picture, then the 440 repeater, the 900 repeater, the 900 voter and the remote receiver link radios.  The cabinet 440 RX multi-coupler is below the the link radios.

This system is stand-alone, not connected to the main NTxRA system.  This is our test/experiment system.